Dead & Gone

Im higher than a spaceship
I often think I make ships
But my mind keeps drifting…
So Im sure its all just makeshift.
Its like the shift key on the keyboard…
Has my mind on caps
And Im gonna keep it on lock
Till my battery collapse.
Till I switch gears…
I leave my brain on a napkin…
Got no food for thought
Yet Im steadily snacking.
A girl asked why I traded the good for the bad…
I just shrugged my shoulders
For I knew that it was sad
Sad was my life
Or should I say the choices I grabbed
Making up excuses…
Like “I didnt want to….I just had…..”
I had to because I killed it…
I pushed my thought process out the window
And so when you look out through the window
Into the mornings dawn
Know that Im lost in the abyss…
Dead & Gone


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