A Little Reassurance?

They say seeing is BELIEVING
And I’ve heard if you BELIEVE in something;
you can’t help but see it

But HOW am I suppose TO BELIEVE IN something that at this point seems IMPOSSIBLE?

And what if I don’t know HOW TO BELIEVE?
Do I need religion? Some sort of faith?
Tell me…what is it I must do?

I’ve heard time and time again, words such as
“In due time, just stay true”

But what about RIGHT NOW!?!?

Its like I’m lost in crossroads…a maze
And there is no scent or sign of even a hint of cheese
But you always tell me “Don’t worry, keep BELIEVING and stay focused on it”

So is BELIEF just hearing some sort of constant reassurance?
Such as “Everything will be ok”
If so, tell it to me again…please…


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