The Fear

They say I’m too familiar with anthropology
Gave birth to criminology
They say it’s in my words…
claiming its etymology
but I just find it odd to see
and I don’t know ophthalmology
But I’ve studied bacteriology as well as immunology
So from me, I doubt that you’ll ever hear an apology.

In an attempt to try and stop me
They looked under thanatology, ecology, and even methodology
But with no luck
They simply can’t explain it…parapshchology

And as far as me and this ology
I’ve never thought of sitology or even somnology.
This will stir up fear
Fear that more will appear

They’re scared.
And yet…
There are no creases or even a fingerprint under the sections of alethiology
Just fingers pointed at me
like I’m the reason in their belief of an eschatology
They’ll run tests on us in relation to dermatology as well as encephalology
But Don’t Fear…
For We…
Will Still Fulfill The Prophecy


One Response to “The Fear”

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