The End (In The Depths of Solitude)

I exist in the depths of solitude

I’m feeling like the man on the moon; no marian

And I can’t ease my soul

I’m on the side like parking

Because I can’t pay the toll

I’m walking

Through a time space

Scrambled is my mind state

I’m searching for a state to keep my mind in place.

I’m wanting…

No yearning

For a life that’s not my own

For my own I don’t throne even though it is a blessing.

Each day it’s being tested

So in the end I leave you short

I need sleep

I’m restless.

So I hope you can accept this.

And since this is how I feel…

I really hope you can respect it.

I sit on the moon in the mist of solitude

But there’s really two here,

I call it inside outside.

But I keep most on the inside

So you probably only know me on the outside.

I’m on the inside peering down from a telescope…

It’s like two minds in one soul.

I sometimes sit back in awe of the opportunities

And never accept simplicity

And in the end I’m just memories…


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