The Test

You told me that I am the Captain of My Faith,
The Master of My Soul
And yet…
I feel there are outside forces that are out of my control

Ever since I’ve done wrong
I swear I’ve tried my best to do right,
but time and time again
There are those forces…
bringing me plight

And I’ve been constantly reassured
Been constantly told that everything will work itself out
Been told that I’m too good for things to not go right
…in the end

And I’ve done my best to believe.
Honest to God I have.
I’ve been working on these steps for so long
And yet…
I’m still that same mouse
Looking for that damn cheese….

Let me stop myself
because I actually did find that cheese
But then those forces stepped in
Needless to say,
I had been deceived.
Now I’m like the boy at his fathers funeral
Trying my best not grieve
Acting strong for everyone else
I’m simply pulling on my sleeve
Trying to muster up all my might
For the fight will soon begin
The forces have found its way
To attend me deep within

Just like light
Our minds sometimes bend
Showing us a picture that’s really just pretend
It’s all just a test
Will you transcend or descend?
The answer lies with the person within….


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