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I Got Soul

Posted in Black Thought, Spit Something Crazy, Word Is Bond with tags , , , , , , , , on February 17, 2010 by Ron

I’ve got soul like the afro pick with the black fist
Like an innocent baby given the chance to exist

Bruh Man
Ay yo
Bruh Man
Bean pies 2 for $5
Quite the deal
Why would I lie?

I’ve Got Soul

More like a pimp
Cause I ain’t never been no hoe
It’s that slight
Lean or Dip
As I,
Stride or Stroll

If you went
Back in Time
James Brown
Sam & Dave
They’d tell you the same

It’s that
90’s Era
“Excuse Me…Come Again?”

Some say its that
Thing to make your hair Curl & Glow
Maybe it’s
Under the feet
Near the popsicle toes.

Well we know it gives you that
“And for this I am thankful”
Type of feeling
And it runs through every inch of your body like
Good Loving
It’s just so
Spiritually healing.

It sparked those
Malcolm X activists
Martin Luther King pacifists

It made
East Bay Grease,
Helped you
Rock Steady
And gave you that
Sqaure Biz
And I’m not talking about what it was
I’m talking about what it is.

It tries to leave with every sneeze
But gets pushed back with every bless

No Stress

And if any a man tries to bring it down
Look them in the face and tell them this:

My soul is NOT for sale
never fails
And there’s never a doubt whether I’ll achieve my goals
Just because of the simple fact that


The Sirens Keep Me Up At Night

Posted in Black Thought with tags , , on February 16, 2010 by Ron

The night’s so dark
but the lights make it Blue
Black on Black
White in Red, White, and Blue
I can hear the mixture of different hues
White on Black
Black on White
O, what happens when colors ignite
Black covered in Red
Then Red suddenly spreads
Adding wild effects to the Blue,
which was caused by the light.
The sirens keep me up at night

The Fear

Posted in Black Thought with tags , , , , , on February 12, 2010 by Ron

They say I’m too familiar with anthropology
Gave birth to criminology
They say it’s in my words…
claiming its etymology
but I just find it odd to see
and I don’t know ophthalmology
But I’ve studied bacteriology as well as immunology
So from me, I doubt that you’ll ever hear an apology.

In an attempt to try and stop me
They looked under thanatology, ecology, and even methodology
But with no luck
They simply can’t explain it…parapshchology

And as far as me and this ology
I’ve never thought of sitology or even somnology.
This will stir up fear
Fear that more will appear

They’re scared.
And yet…
There are no creases or even a fingerprint under the sections of alethiology
Just fingers pointed at me
like I’m the reason in their belief of an eschatology
They’ll run tests on us in relation to dermatology as well as encephalology
But Don’t Fear…
For We…
Will Still Fulfill The Prophecy